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Leonard's Gatorville Fair March 20, 2012
Leonard's Gatorville Fair has been completed. Look for it in the iTunes store in the coming weeks.
Leonard's Gatorville Fair »
Crash Craving Release July 15, 2011
Crash Craving, a physics-based puzzle game released for the iOS is now available!
Crash Craving »
Portfolio Show 2011 February 24, 2011
The Centre for Digital Media is holding its anual portfolio show. Fellow students will be showing our talents for the media savy.
MDM Portfolio Showcase 2011 »
Internship - Moving Media Group May 2010
As part of my summer internship I have been invited to join the team at Moving Media Group
Moving Media Group »
nickolas marouhos
Nick recently received a Masters of Digital Media at the Great Northern Way Campus.
Currently living in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia.

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featured project
Leonard's Gatorville Fair
An action game developed for iOS devices.